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Some of my latest work...



So, while pondering my Medieval Furry Tarot, I started looking through all my decks... and went, "gosh, I miss doing readings for random people."

When I was in college, I used to take my new decks to the student union so I could go through them and admire the art while I was between classes, and about half the time, someone COMPLETELY RANDOM would approach me and ask for a reading. As the timid person I am, it was super weird at first, but they were always so nice and it was really fun. We laughed at some of the tongue-in-cheek responses my cards gave, and one lady even shed a few happy tears when the cards gave her some very specific symbolism that gave her a happy answer for her question (that I wasn't privy to).

Whether you believe in the "magic" of tarot or not, it is fun to see what the cards say, and they are a great psychological tool because your mind will interpret the meanings I give to show you the answers you already know, but just needed confirmation on. So it's usually fun and pretty spooky!

Then I thought -- hey, that would be kind of a neat combination -- a tarot reading AND a themed drawing!

So I thought I'd open some little commissions based on this before I launch into my actual tarot art! And thus, "Tarot Drawings," named because using the phrase "draw" in this journal has been very confusing because homographs.

The base price is $13 USD because of course ;3

If you get one of these commissions, you will receive a real, 4-card tarot reading from one of my decks, and a flat-color fullbody picture of your character of choice. They will be drawn holding the card that is pulled to represent their future self, and the mood/theme of the picture will be based on the card. I will also try to incorporate the predicted cause of the situation your future self is in if it can be done well. In the description of the drawing once it is posted, I will include each of the cards drawn and what they represent, along with a possible interpretation if you gave me enough information to do so.

IF YOU WANT THE DRAWING/READING TO BE PRIVATE (not posted online), LET ME KNOW AND WE CAN DO THIS VIA EMAIL. You also have the option for me just to post the art and card descriptions without your original question or interpretations. THIS MUST BE REQUESTED BEFORE I START DRAWING.

The card spreads will be [Past Self] - [Present Self] - [Future Self] - [Contributing Cause to Future Self]. I will pick the deck that seems to fit your character best.

For an additional $2, I can do a different reading type of your preference. Options include but aren't limited to:

-Relationship reading between two individuals (romantic or not)
-A 12-month outlook reading
-General advice on a problem (you can give me information on it or not, but if I know what the problem is it helps me to interpret the cards in a way that makes the most sense)

These are basically wing-it commissions based on what cards you get, so you do not get to see/approve anything before I post it! Take at your own risk, because some cards are nice, and some aren't... *wiggles fingers while making spooky noises*

I prefer drawing anthros, but will also draw humans. No mecha or overly-muscled characters, please :>

That said, if there is any situation you do NOT want me drawing your character in (I won't draw NSFW or gore or anything like that, but skulls, swords sticking out of backs, etc. are fair game), then say so upfront and I will draw some other part of your reading.

Payment must be made before I begin drawing. I'll take 3 slots of these right now just to try them out. If no one jumps on these right away I'll use :iconrobertvarulfur: as my test dummy and draw up an example xD


If you are interested, fill out the following form and post it in the comments! First come, first served.

Character/ref sheet link:
In case "The Lovers" appears, preferred romantic partner? Or, prefer male/female/etc. random partner?:
Anything you WOULDN'T want drawn (bones, non-gore injuries, romance, etc.)?:
Regular reading or more complex for +$2?:
Can I post all the details, or do you want this to be semi/completely private?:

After I note you with my paypal address, send either the $13 or $15 over and I will get started on these this weekend. I'm going out of town until Sunday so these won't be finished until next week, but I'll have time to draw the layout and do the actual readings while I'm away :)
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Sam R
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey there, I'm Sam, better known in the art community as Silvie.

I'm a technical writer at a software company by day, and on the side I like to do art, play WoW, care for a menagerie of animals, and spend time with my husband. Our family consists of two rescue pigeons, two cats, one dog, two ball pythons, four goldfish, four axolotls, and a betta fish.

I consider myself a "furry" in that I have a "fursona," a maned wolf anthro character I use to represent myself in comics and doodles. Silvie has existed for years as a placeholder for me in comic book diaries, and she has evolved and grown since I found an online community of others who draw similar characters! It's not a weird sexual thing, I promise, so don't make it that way.

Thanks in a large part to this community, I met my husband, Robert Varulfur, AKA Tim R., who I live with in Mount Vernon, MO.
Robert has an account for his fantastic writing and photography here: :iconrobertvarulfur:

Silvie and my other characters can be drawn by anyone as long as they link the finished work back to me (and give me a link to your art so I can see it!), but Silvie in particular is NOT to be drawn in any suggestive or otherwise questionable fashions.

Commissions are tentatively open, so note me if you are REALLY interested and we can work out a price.

Tarot Drawing Commissions are open with limited slots

I AM MUCH MORE ACTIVE ON FUR AFFINITY, so go there if you like my furry art and want to see more of my stuff!


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